Analog(類比)系列攝影機,是用對應電子媒體標準的NTSC / PAL格式輸出影像訊號之機型,所以可以連結任何類比訊號的顯示器,觀看監控影像。




Compact body (KP-F30 / KP-F33 / KP-80 / KP-M20 / KP-M30)
29(W) x 29(H) x 38.5(D) mm
High resolution & high frame rate


High resolution & high sensitivity(KP-M20 / KP-M30)
570 TV Line (horizontal), 0.3 lx (F1.4)

High sensitivity, high resolution and high performance.(KP-M1A / KP-M2A / KP-M3A / KP-M2R-S3)


Line up 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 inch CCD models.(KP-M1A / KP-M2A / KP-M3A / KP-M2R-S3)

Near infrared sensitivity (KP-M2R)
High resolution and high color fidelity (KP-FD30 / KP-FD30M)
By adoption of the progressive scan CCD image sensor and RGB primary color mosaic filters, the picture of high vertical resolution and high color fidelity can be acquired.
Suitable for the image-processing equipment input (KP-FD30 / KP-FD30M)
Small lightweight size, RGB output and various image processing function.
NTSC output (only KP-FD30)
The still picture continuation output (only KP-FD30M)
Compact multi purpose CCD color camera (KP-D20A / KP-D20B / KP-D20B-S3)
Featuring high sensitivity and high image quality in a package measuring just 44(W) x 44(H) x 49(D) mm. An on-screen menu system allow optimum adjustment of camera parameters to meet the imaging application.
12pin type, PAL type only (KP-D20B-S3)
High Sensitivity (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)

Ex view HAD CCD features 380,000 (440,000 for PAL) effective picture elements that deliver clear images even under low light condition.

Color in full motion mode:0.03 lx
Color accumulation mode:0.002 lx
Monochrome in full motion mode:0.004 lx
Monochrome accumulation mode:0.00003 lx

High Resolution (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)
Realize high horizontal resolution (Color mode:560 TV lines, B/W mode:580 TV line ) by adopting new digital process technology.
High Sensitivity and low S/N ratio (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)
New adaptive noise reduction can improve the S/N ratio without loosing motion resolution
Adaptive Image Enhancer (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)
It is possible to observe it even if there is an luminance difference in the effect of adaptive Image Enhancer of the black light control.
Adaptive Fog Reduction (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)
The removal effect of the fog is obtained by the Adaptive Fog Reduction function. 
Dial type back focus adjustment (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)
An adjustable flange back mechanism is provided for optimum back focus of the lens

 (KP-D5000 / KP-D5001 / KP-D5010)


Compact, high performance, multi purpose cameras featuring 12 bit A/D converters and a 3 million gate DSP (HV-D30)
High resolution of 800 tv lines (HV-D30)
Auto Shading Compensation (ASC) (HV-D30)
External Trigger functions (HV-D30)
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