High speed read out(KP-F120CL)
Full pixel independent readout:30 frames / second
Near infrared sensitivity(KP-F120CL)
Extended spectral response allows use of the camera in the near infared region.
Digital output(KP-F120CL)
Camera Link
Full frame shutter(KP-F120CL)
Higher resolution in the vertical direction is ensured for moving objects.
Multi step electric shutter(KP-F120CL)
8 steps electric shutter up to 1/50000 second.
Frame on demand(KP-F120CL)
An external trigger signal input can be used to capture an image at a desired timing for instant view or processing.
Remote control(KP-F120CL)
Frame on demand, partial scan, etc. by remote control or rear panel switch.
Suitable for the image-processing equipment input(KP-FD30CL)
Small lightweight size, RGB output and various image processing function.
Adopt digital interface(Camera Link)(KP-FD30CL) 
New digital signal processor(DSP)(KP-FD30CL) 
Various CCD drive functions (KP-FD30CL)
The best color in image capture (HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 / HV-F31CL / HV-F31-S1)
Auto shading correction (HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 / HV-F31CL / HV-F31-S1)


Independent six color masking (HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 / HV-F31CL / HV-F31-S1)

External trigger shutter (HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 / HV-F31CL / HV-F31-S1) 


High Resolution (KP-F120CL / HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 / HV-F31CL / HV-F31-S1) 


High resolution and high color fidelity(KP-FD30CL)
By adoption of the progressive scan CCD image sensor and RGB primary color mosaic filters, the picture of high vertical resolution and high color fidelity can be acquired.
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