GigE Vision



GigE Vision系列,經由符合千兆以太網標準的高速乙太網規格作並行傳輸,僅需要透過細的網路電纜線就可連結至個人電腦。此外,最長傳輸距離可達一百公尺,其所傳輸之最適於影像處理之非壓縮影像數據,最高速的流量可達1Gbps,相當適合運用於高解析或高幀率的需求上。




Gigabit Ethernet interface
Direct connection is possible to PC by the Gigabit Ethernet cable. This cable is less bulky compared with parallel digital output cabling.
GigE VisionTM compatible 
Based on industrial camera interface standard GigE Vision, a maximum of 1Gbps high speed data transmission is available and suitable for image processing.
GenlCamTM compatible 
Development of camera control system is easy because industrial camera control API “GenlCam”lead EMVA(European Machine Vision Association)
PoE correspondence
Power supply can be input via Ethernet cable(Power over Ethernet).
High resolution & High Frame rate 


High color fidelity
RGB Primary color mosaic filter achieve high color fidelity.
Versatile CCD drive functions

■ Auto electric shutter mode(AES)

 Adjusted automatically from 10 second to approx. 1/100,000 second.


 Preset electric shutter mode

 Multi-step up to 1/50000 second in 8 steps.


 Variable electric shutter mode

 Variable at 1H step from 10 second to approx. 1/100,000 second.

White balance
ATW(Auto-tracking white balance), MANUAL(R, B gain control), One-Push
6 color independent masking
Saturation and hue of primary colors R, G, B and complementary colors Cy, Mg, Ye can be independently varied. It is effective at a application(Image capture, micro scope, etc.)
External trigger
An external trigger signal input can be used to capture an image at desired timing for instant view or processing. The software trigger via a Gigabit Ethernet cable and the hardware trigger can deal with all trigger signals.
Versatile output image format
The output format can be select RGB 8 / 10 / 12 bit, YUV(4:2:2)8 / 10 / 12 bit, RAW 8 / 10 / 12bit or MONO 8 / 10 / 12bit.
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