Mini CL (WCL:PoCL-Non-PoCL)






WCL(雙攝影機連接埠)系列是一個全新會在供電型的PoCL與迷你攝影機雙方之間自動轉換功能的連接埠。迷你攝影機運用小型的連接埠,使得攝影機可以實現大幅度的縮小化,與Power over Camera Link(PoCL)(供電攝影機連接埠)間,只需經由單一電纜線結合就可以由影像擷取卡控制攝影機和傳送電源;並接收來自攝影機的影像數據。如此的設計,讓攝影機和與PoCL對應的影像擷取卡之間只需要簡單地透過單一電纜線連接,就可以讓本監控系統構成。





Mini CL (Mini Camera Link
By adopting a Camera Link digital interface, higher speed video data transfer is possible. Furthermore, by adopting the small connector (SDR) of a Mini Camera Link standard, the size of the camera has been reduced.
Automatic Selection of PoCL or non-PoCL
The power supply through the camera link cable is possible from the PoCL frame grabber board. Because the power supply from the DCIN/SYNC connector is also possible, it is possible to make the camera work by using usual frame grabber board. The power supply from the DCIN/SYNC connector is given to priority when the power supply is supplied from both.
High Resolution & High Speed

High resolution combined with high frame rates are possible with this series of cameras. Can be used for high-precision and high-speed image processing in many applications.


Raw Data Output
The FR series of cameras use a CCD with an RGB primary color mosaic filter, outputting the image data in a RAW format with minimal processing in order to achieve higher frame rates as compared to a normal color camera.External image processing and software is required to produce a proper color picture.
Frame Shutter
Higher resolution in the vertical directional is ensured for moving object.
Multi-step Shutter
A multi-step electric shutter along with a variable speed electric shutter is standard with a minimum shutter speed of 1/50,000 second.
Frame on Demand
A one trigger and fixed shutter mode of frame-on-demand are provided allowing precise timing and exposure for image capture. 
Remote Control
Through the Camera Link interface, various setting such as shutter, mode, gain, partial scan, bit depth, etc can be adjusted.
Partial Scan
The start position and height of the image can be adjusted. Higher frame rates are possible by using partial scan mode.
Selectable bit depth of 8 bit or 10 bit
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