New MOS sensors with improved sensitivity rise of 6dB (HV-HD33)
Multi format HDTV SDTV output (HV-HD33)
1080 * 59.94i / 50i (16:9)
720 * 59.94p / 50p (16:9)
480 * 59.94i (16:9)
576 * 50i (16:9)
480 * 59.94i (4:3)
576 * 50i (4:3)
Digital serial output (HV-HD33)
HD-SDI / SD-SDI 1 output
6 color independent masking & Luminosity independent linear masking (HV-HD33)
Negative positive conversion & Right and left reversing (HV-HD33)
Camera control RS-232C / RS-422 remote controller RC-Z3 (HV-HD33)
Multi Format Output (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)
The camera features a user selectable multi format output to meet the needs of the imaging application. The putout is menu selectable between 1080 / 59.94 i, 1080 / 50i, 720 / 59.94p and 720 / 50p for the HD-SDI and analog high definition component outputs, and the optional HDMI output (HDMI Connector:HV-HD201M only). There is also a standard definition VBS and Y/C output that is switchable between 480 / 59.94i and 576 / 60i.
Digital Signal Processing Enables Quality Enhancement Functions (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)
A 12 vector color corrector with independent hue and saturation levels allows the user to achieve accurate color reproduction for use in image processing, microscopy, medical and broadcast applications.
Video Level Control (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)
The proper video Level can be maintained through the use of an Auto Electric shutter (AES) mode for bright scenes and an intelligent Auto Level Control (ALC) for dark scenes.
Scene Files (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)
4 user selectable scene files are available for the storage and recall of camera setup information, along with a Preset file that contains default factory setup information.
Other Functions (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)

■ AGC with programmable gain in 1dB steps.
■ ARIB Color Bars
■ SD memory card for user storage and recall of camera setup information.

Remote Control (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)
Remote control of all camera operating parameters is available using the optional Hitachi remote control or through the use of a PC.
Standard 5.5 Meter Detachable Cable (Optional 10 Meter) (HV-HD201 / HV-HD201M)
Full HD (HD/SDI) for Industrial use (KP-HD20A)
2.1 million pixel RGB Beyer CMOS sensor
External event trigger for machine vision use
Coaxial cable transmission (KP-HD20A)
Easy replacement of conventional analogue (PAL / NTSC), camera with full HD model, since it can transmit HD-SDI signal with existing coax cables.
Approx. 100m transmission is realized by 5C-2V. Coax cable.
Small size / light weight / high sensitivity (KP-HD20A)
Compact camera body size (44mm width and height) combined with light weight make this a flexible unit for many applications.
High sensitivity of minimum photographic subject illumination 0.3lx means this camera can be used in many low light situations.
Non-compressing (except HD-VLC mode ) high definition (KP-HD20A)
Low delay (less than 16 ms) direct monitoring is possible. (KP-HD20A)
Transmission up to 300m (using Multi Unit (MU-HD101)) (KP-HD20A)
Various putout formats (1080, SXGA, XGA, NTSC and PAL, using Multi Unit (MU-HD101)) (KP-HD20A)
Power over coaxial cable is possible by using a Multi Unit (MU-HD101). (KP-HD20A)
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