IEEE1394.a interface

■ Direct PC connection without using a frame grabber board

 Small-diameter cable

 Multiple cameras connectable by use of hub

 Compatible OHCI, 400 Mbps


 Conforming with IIDC1.3

High resolution
The 1/2-inch / 1.45 Mega pixels(HV-F31F:1/3-inch / 786k pixels)square lattice progressive scan CCD(R. G. B. 3CCD)and highly precies CCD positioning technology achieve high resolution of 1360(H) x 1024(V) (SXGA)(HV-F31F:1024(H) x 768(V) (XGA)).
High precision digital Processing
The single chip 3 million gates 0.18μm DSP design reduces the size, power consumption and greatly enhances stability. The 12 bit A/D converter and 14bit DSP processing provide a high S/N ratio and wide dynamic range.
High color fidelity and resolution
3CCD(R. G. B.)and prism system achieve high color fidelity and resolution.
6 color independent masking
Saturation and hue of primary colors R. G. B. and complementary colors Cy, Mg, Ye can be independently varied. It is effective at a application(image capture, microscope, etc)needing highly accurate color fidelity.
Adjustable sharpness(DTL) width
Sharpness(DTL)width is adjustable. A feeling of natural definition is provided when set a sharpness lower. A clear detail is provided when set it higher.
Auto shading(ASC)
Color shading(uneven color)due to lens and lighting can be automatically corrected.
Versatile CCD driving function

 External trigger function

 Long time accumuiate mode

 Variable shutter mode

 Automatic electric shutter mode(AES)

Improved operation ease

 Provides 4 application file

 Realtime automatic white balance function(ATW)

 Automatic Exposure(ALC)(Automatic level control)(Digital light measuring utilized a scene in to 64 divided sensing areas)

 Focus data output(serial data)

 2 mode gain control(AGC function, 1 dB step programmable gain control)

 Contrast function

 Flare correction circuit

 Brightness(master black), R/B black, R/B gain adjustment function

 Color bar function

 Neg / pos switching function

 Rear LED indicator(Power on/off, communication state)

Easy to use GUI software

Various camera function are available for adjustment through the easy to use GUI software which is included with the camera.

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